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  • The TRUTH hurts, folks but..(here's the kicker) NOT if you don't hear it.
  • Relationship & Career Advice - from a divorced and unemployed web developer, so you KNOW it'll change your life direction.
  • Articles on the Intriquing Female Animal - enabling you to attract and then capture one WITHOUT use of cage or tranquilizer gun (so you might want to try using both.)
  • Life Wisdom for Men - (Examples)
    • "When in doubt, tell the truth.   At higher levels of certainty, more options become available."
      - United States Supreme Court
    • "Only trees listed on Google that fall
      in a forest make any sound.
      - Smokey the Bear
    • "The correct spelling is: Wickapeedia"
      - Wikipedia
    • "The correct spelling is: Wikipedia"
      - Kimbo Slice
    • "Something is going to happen between the 16th and 23rd centuries. You can fill in the details yourself. (AND DON'T TELL ME I DIDN'T WARN YOU!)"
      - Nostradamus
  • World's Wittiest Person - Caption Contest - Do you find yourself funny? If others in your cage were unconscious, might you be considered the funniest? If so, Free register today and we'll notify you when the contest starts 2nd quarter 2010.

Are you floundering upstream on a cul-de-sac from your destiny? ..or.. catching tuna daily from the ocean of life off the information superhighway of best-of-me?

Do you have yo mojo?.. or do you need to go fo yo mornin' jo to start da flo of yo mo, Joe? Or are you named 'Thad' and strikingly less rhythmic?

Are you 'playing the game of life in a rut?'  ..or..  'having a ball taking a cut at a putt with a babe with a butt on a hole with a view and she's even got virtually no IQ?

If your response to any of the above was:

  • "..Huh??"
  • "This reminds me, son.. everyone should have access to health care."
  • Go Class of 2011! Twitter & Lack of Contact with Nature ROCK!!
  • "Is he lost in Tom Cruise's brain, Mommy?"
then we have JUST WHAT YOU NEED to take your life to the next level!

Hello. I am WittyGuy, and I'm incredibly charismatic and even more unknowingly humble. You'll probably find everything I say to be increasingly ironic, even the things I say first. And every thought is ORIGINAL.. or by someone with a less expensive lawyer. I could count to a MILLION.. and never think the same thought twice. Sure, I have my weaknesses ..although I don't consider drinking Dos Equis one of them.

I am a successful life coach and the world's leading masculinity advisor. I don't 'inspire', I 'Winspire'. I'm not a 'innovator', I'm a 'Winnovator'. I'm not 'awful & pray ill on ma foe', I'm a .. uh.. 'Waffle & Weigh Willem Dafoe'??

I'm also very good with women. When I open my mouth, panties go south. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but a silver tongue that leads to spooning. Other guys developed in the womb. I developed in the pith.

Most men flirt. I conduct a concert. (yeah, I'm not done yet.) Nearly every sentence ends with a standing ovation. And it's likely the same even when I'm NOT talking to myself. I once wrote an essay so witty and eloquent, it emitted Grade-A honey whenever it was read. A friend of mine then hired a bunch of stutterers and went into business. [Too bad they were answering 911 calls and NOT in the honey business. Bang! Bang!]

Two years ago I was making $90k/year, had a fast car, and a hot girlfriend. Today, I'm unemployed and losing weight mysteriously. However, women still abound. This site puts you on a path more like I'm on.

Most 'self-help' or 'motivational' sites teach how to succeed at life assuming you will THEN attract the right lady. "Build it and they will come" is their philosophy. At WittyGuy, we're confident that any goal you have grandiose enough to require real planning will also provide you sufficient time to thoroughly screw it up, so we focus less on the building and more on the coming.   [Anyone got a problem with that?]

They say 'A Great Woman is Behind Every Great Man.'  Well, if THAT is the reward for greatness  I'd rather stop at good and then get BEHIND HER as she passes by. Considering her ambitions you know she'll be consistently forward-looking and also have 'her nose to the grindstone'. WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR?  Then, each time she has a success, you can celebrate with her: 'Bottoms Up!'

At WittyGuy.com, you'll learn how you can achieve many of your medium-sized goals with a steady diet of my revolutionary 'now-KAPOW!' along with a daily serving of 'vision-COLLISION'!

This is NOT to suggest this is the recommended solution to all life problems. This is the recommended solution to all life problems. This is not to suggest results come quickly. You should find the results to be immediate. This is NOT to suggest I'm enjoying banter with the subsequent sentence because I'm lonely. Hey wanna go out Saturday? Yes most definitely, can't wait, got my date now WOOHOO! enjoy the site everyone bye.

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looking askance!!

THAT'S CORRECT!  All that money BEFORE
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now that..  I think that's simply
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Hi! my name is 'Chet'.

I'm a tri-athlete/flamenco guitarist looking for love with a lady who doesn't mind not maintaining her weight. I enjoy international travel, romantic beach walks, and seemingly paying attention. Other hobbies include winning, empathizing, and giving 20% of my annual salary anonymously to charity every June.

I value connecting emotionally and was voted in high school 'Most Likely To Give Chocolate While Not Being Possessive'. I don't require much attention myself, especially after the positive press I received recently after a little incident involving a drowning orphan and a typhoon. (actually.. TWO of them - No, not orphans.)

When not chopping wood or combing puppies, I enjoy writing poetry and securely watching Matthew McConaughey in romantic comedies. Unfortunately, I do suffer from a hyperactive lustrous-hair disorder and an incurable case of RPCSNF - Repetitive Partner Climax Syndrome Near Fireplaces.

I'm looking for a lady who believes it's REALLY only the size of a man's HEART that matters, because if you're focused elsewhere.. you may run in terror while simultaneously being intrigued by the prospects.

[:sniffle-sniffle:] Oh. great...how embarrassing! Now I'm crying. I don't know why. I'm a sensitive guy sometimes.. [:shrugging shoulders:] ..maybe it's just me again retaining vulnerability.

What's your name? Mine's 'Adam'.

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